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Sarah Van den Elsken VISUALIZING architecture 

A museum project

Project 5

Former established and awarded Photojournalist, now a newly independent architectural drafter, formerly graduated honors student in Applied Architecture. A tremendous BIM lover passionate about portraying unbuilt architecture and graphically shaping documents.

This is a summary of my work from my days as a student in Applied Architecture. To see the full development you can scroll through all the 5 projects. For a realistic view of what I can do now check out Project 5 and I've added a recent page to show projects I'm currently working on. This site was not made for handheld devices so whip out the big screens for this one. 

Amazing Internship at B2Ai


A study about shadows on High Rise and Low Rise buildings in a city block.

Bachelor Paper

Multi-story dwelling Part II

Project 4

Multi-story dwelling Part I

Project 3

Single Family Housing

Project 2

Micro House in a Macro City

Project 1
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